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Read about Kelly Winder, the woman behind the screen. Find out what’s most important to her when working on websites – and why it’ll get you better results.

how I got here

A Bit About Me

Hey there! I’m Kelly Winder, and I’ve spent the last two decades building and growing a trusted, well-known pregnancy and parenting website.

From the first line of code to millions of readers worldwide every year, and over one million Facebook fans, it was born out of my determination, blood, sweat and tears.

I knew from the beginning, way back in 2002, that if a website was going to be successful, it needed to be found on Google. Not only that, it needed to be on the first page of results (else it’s in the graveyard).

So, how does a website get found on Google?

Get Found On Google

Awesome SEO. Not just the technical SEO behind the scenes, but skilled on-page SEO too, which means well-optimised content. That’s what I’m really good at. Making both Google and the reader (your customers!) super happy.

It doesn’t matter how life-changing your health, lifestyle or relationship information is. Nor is what your product could do for people if they knew about it. If you struggle with this very important aspect of business success, you’ll have to work harder than necessary.

But if your website can reach more people, you can help more people and make change on a bigger scale. This is where I can help.

my philosophies

What’s Important To Me

It’s a given that websites need skilled SEO (search engine optimisation) implementation and strategy, and to be mobile responsive, so they look and function beautifully on desktop and mobile.

Below are four other key things you can expect when working with me… things I feel are critical for a successful website – and business.

Fast Websites

Neither Google nor your website visitors like slow websites. In 2012, Amazon discovered they’d lose 1.6 billion annually if their site slowed down by one second. That’s 1% per millisecond. Today, it’s around 7%. This is why I’ll make you a FAST website.

Clean Websites

Cluttered websites don’t direct your customers’ eyes where you want them to go. This means clicking the back button and losing sales. Clean websites with a clear direction and focus are very effective at keeping people on your site and converting them.

Conversion Focus

Every page of your website should have a purpose or goal. It could be to purchase a product or sign up for a course, but it could also be to subscribe to your mailing list. Every page is an opportunity, and everything else on the page should support your goal.


Automation saves businesses time and money. If something doesn’t make you money, it’s a perfect candidate to be automated. I’m always on the lookout to help clients automate things in their business to save them money and time – they could be doing something else.

businesses I’ve helped

Recent Clients

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What I Want You To Know

I know creating a new website or investing in SEO strategies can be a big financial decision. But it’s not just about creating a website. More importantly, it’s about creating your future.

I want to help you grow your website traffic, so you can leave a legacy. I also want to help you achieve the freedom you crave – both with time and financially.

I also know it can feel like you’re being held hostage and bogged down by technical stuff you don’t really understand (nor want to!) when you’d rather be making a difference in the world instead. You can leave the technical stuff to me, and free yourself up to focus on what you do best.

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